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Moods and Landscapes

Five pieces of between 5 and 20 minutes length which take the listener into a variety  of imaginary worlds. One of these is based on the structure used in Wave Dance classes.

Track list: Wave Dance, Northern Coastline, Two hours before the end of the world, Bacchae, Indra's Dance

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Title Sel.    
1. Wave Dance
[in five sections lasting 20 minutes, following the structure of the Wave Dance]
Moods and Landscapes  
2. Northern Coastline
[8 minutes of seascape inspired by the Northumbrian coast]
3. Two hours before the end of the world
[an imaginary landscape - words on the same theme in the free notes]
4. Bacchae
[an evocation of the wild revels of the Bacchae in Ancient Greece - 7 minutes]
5. Indra’s Dance
[a shortened version - 9 minutes -
of track 1]
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