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Sound Paintings - The Myth of Arcadia: Night

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Moira created this picture as one of a series for the Dulwich Festival. Arcadia is a real region of Greece which became idealised by poets, as a place of beauty inhabited by beautiful young shepherds. more..

Sound Paintings - The Myth of Arcadia: Night

Night: Although the preparation for making a monoprint is time consuming and laborious, the actual process of printing can be speedy, intense and hugely enjoyable. I print wet printing ink onto wet printing ink and there is always a fine line between success and utter failure when using this risky technique. As urban animals we are unused to moonlight. In this print I have tried to suggest a mysterious light weaker than the sun but with a gravitational pull that determines the tides. (Moira Jarvis)

             you are the music      While the music lasts
(T S Eliot The Dry Salvages)