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War Concert


On Sunday 26 October 2008  Sounds Like took part in a concert given in Old St Pancras Church, in London.  The evening, entitled “War and Exile”, was organised by the Constitution Poets, a group based in the Kings Cross and Camden Town areas of London.  It was planned to coincide with the approach of Remembrance Sunday. It set out to present comment, reflection and remembrance on the themes of war and exile, expressed through words and music.

The poets who took part on this occasion were Angela Inglis, Rob Inglis, Miranda Martin, Deborah Lavin and Roger Robinson. (Not all are heard in these extracts from the concert).

Sounds Like:  James Gordon (composer, singer, reader), Edward Lee (director, reader, guitarist), Frances Lee (reader, singer), Jan North (singer, reader)

Technical information: For the electric guitar items Edward Lee used a Yamaha Pacifica guitar, with a Polytone Brute amplifier, and effects from a Boss ME-50 unit.

The original recording was made by Cathy Aitchison  to whom we extend  grateful thanks for permission to use this material.  This CD was mastered by Edward Lee

For COPYRIGHT DETAILS and permission to use this material other than private use see elsewhere on this site.

The items from the concert are:

1: “Memories of World War II” 8.09
  Cocooned poem written and read by Angela Inglis
  Thought to Seventy-Three poem by Roger Robinson, read by James Gordon, music by Edward Lee, song We’ll Meet Again sung by Jan North
"Remembrance Day" is available as a free download on scoreexchange.com

2: “Suez – I was there” 5.49
  War and Remembrance poem by Roger Robinson, music and performance by Edward Lee
"I Remember in Dreams" is available as a free download on scoreexchange.com

3: “Iraq – Take 2” 4.16
  The Siege of Falluja poem by Deborah Lavin, read by Jan North  and Edward Lee
  Iraq in St Pancras  poem by Deborah Lavin, read by Frances Lee, Jan North and James Gordon

4: “individuals need not just be victims” 2.00
  In Xiapuri poem and reading by Angela Inglis, music by Edward Lee, singers Jan North and Frances Lee

5: “in our thoughts and lives every day” 1.40
  The Polite Vulture  poem by Deborah Lavin, read by James Gordon   with lines read by Jan North Edward Lee, Frances Lee and Rob Inglis

6: “we invite you to join us” 2.02
  Epitaph poem by Edward Thomas, read by  Frances Lee
  Where Have All the Flowers Gone  all performers and the audience led by Jan North

All linking announcements by Roger Robinson.

recording by Cathy Aitchison

this CD mastered by Edward Lee


The Featured Constitution Poets:

Angela Inglis
Angela has always loved reading and writing poetry. She taught English in a local comprehensive school where she frequently ran poetry events and encouraged students to publish their own poetry. She has had a number of poems published and recently included four of her poems in her photographic book Railway Lands, Catching St Pancras and King’s Cross.

Rob Inglis
After journalism in Australia, Rob worked his way to England on a cargo ship. He shifted scenery and his play “The Hands” was produced on BBC and Canadian TV. His theatre performances included The Beadle in the first West End run of “Oliver”, and Faustus, Falstaff and Claudius/Ghost for RSC, National and Cygnet companies. He has presented his solo adaptations internationally, including “The Canterbury Tales” and “The Lord of the Rings”. In 2003 he founded Musical Flying Squad, for whom he writes and directs productions based on local history, most recently “Canal the Musical”.

Deborah Lavin
Deborah has lived in the parish of Old St Pancras Church for the last ten years. As well as poems or "vignettes" Deborah is also a writer of darkly-humoured and very politically "off message" plays, (though all of them have had more of an airing in Berlin and Tokyo than here in her native London). Deborah can often be seen wandering the streets hereabouts with her border collie dog, Jack. She is also the most doting of grandmas.

Miranda Martin
A long term resident of Somers Town and member of the Bella 2 group.  She wrote The Sole Survivor. She claims to have no other credits, which we doubt.

Roger Robinson
A Camden Councillor who spends too much time on council work and now is seeking new pastures as a poet of the people. Co-founder of the Bella 2 and later Constitution Poets Groups.

For further information contact: roger.robinson@camden.gov.uk