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Jeff's Sunny Day

An album of atmospheric pieces for guitars and other fretted instruments, combining a wide range of influences, including jazz, folk and classical music.

Track list: Early Frost, Jeff's Sunny Day, Philomena, Afternoon Train, Maire's Lazy Day, Girls in the Park, Ta Varelia, Elegy, Mountain Girl, Hoxton Fair, Debbie's Overtime Blues

Individual tracks cost £1 each. Full album download costs £5.00.
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Title Select      
  1. Early Frost       
  2. Jeff's Sunny Day   Jeff's Sunny Day  
  3. Philomena     
  4. Afternoon Train    
  5. Maire's Lazy Day    
  6. Girls in the Park    
  7. Ta Varelia    
  8. Elegy    
  9. Mountain Girl      
10. Hoxton Fair      
11. Debbie's Overtime Blues      
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